Beach Hytte


Hytte ( Pronounced "hutta" )

  n. norwegian; a cabin, summer house, hut or hivel; a lodge or dwelling;n. [oe. hotte; akin to d. hut, 
g. hütte, ohg. hutta, dan. hytte, sw. hydda; and f. hutte, of g. origin; all akin to e. hide to conceal. 
see hude to conceal.]v. danish. protect, shelter  

The Kitchen Work Area

The oak and steel vanity units including Corian sink have been designed, 
fabricated and finished inhouse.

The louvred oak doors and mechanism for rotating the louvres were also 
designed bespoke for the apartment, working alongside a trusted joiner.

Master Bedroom

“A hytte is a place you look forward to returning to after a long day skiing or walking. 
The essentials being a roaring fire, cozy bedrooms, lots of wood and an outdoor hot tub.”

En-Suite Bathroom

Every door slat, floor board, towel rail/ hook and tap carefully chosen and carefully 
crafted adds personality and warmth to the flat.

“A home which even on the most beautiful summer’s day, one will not want to leave for the beach. 
And which, in winter, will feel cozy and safe - a private retreat.”

Forum Homes specialises in building luxury residences, drawing 
on thirty years of experience.

The flat is 2400sq ft with two bedrooms, two bathrooms (one ensuite), an 
open plan kitchen/dining/sitting room and wide terraces. The steel frame 
construction allows for long spans to be achieved with no interrupting walls. 
Two entire sides of the flat are glass, you can see sky from everywhere. 
Chimney pots and the tips of trees are just visible above the outer railing. 
In the bathroom walls are glass, oak and marble.


The flat is built on top of what had been a slightly rundown 1950’s block of flats, replacing the original 
pitched roof. The work formed part of a general refurbishment and modernisation of the block.

The planners were worried about ‘additional bulk at a high level,’ which necessitated many redrafts and negotiations. With planning it is all about patience and tenacity. It took a year of fine-tuning to finally 
get the go ahead. The other flats were rented from the owners allowing them to move elsewhere 
during the work, and the build began.

The entire building was wrapped in scaffolding and plastic, and to achieve the necessary high speed, 
low impact construction, a workshop was created inside. A steel frame was chosen so that the layout 
of the flat was not dictated by the plan of the walls beneath, but every piece made elsewhere had to 
be the right size to drop in and assemble on site.

European Oak was used for the internal cladding and Larch from Scotland for the exterior. 
All the Oak (roughly 2500 sq ft) was hand-finished, developing new stain c
olours to mimic the weathered appearance of driftwood.


Best Architecture Single Unit
Best Redevelopment
Best Apartment Dorset

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